Saturday, 23 April 2011

Paparazzi Vinyl (US)

Hey guys, sorry about the long wait between posts. I don't know why i leave it so long between posts, but i'm gonna finish off my last 12" vinyl today, well that is until the BTW vinyls start coming in. My last vinyl is the Paparazzi one, this vinyl is probably the best looking one out of the singles. I got this from The Rock Box i think, actually i don't know, it might have been HMV. But it was either one :)

Front Cover

Back Cover

I really love the cover art for this one, and that she's used a pic from the video on the back. I also like how the tracks are set out on this, with all the remixes on one side and the album version on the other.

Side A Contains:
  • Demolition Crew Remix
  • Moto Blanco Remix]
  • Stuart Price Remix
  • Filthy Dukes Remix
  • Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix
Side B Contains:
  • Album Version
  • Instrumental
Information about the Judas physical release is finally coming out. Heres hoping for a Cardsleeve :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lovegame Vinyl (US)

Been a bit of a while since i've posted anything on here. But sticking with the 12" Vinyl thing i've been doing, i might aswell finish the last 2 off. So i might post 2 times today :) This was the first 12" Vinyl that i ever bought, i got it from HMV for £4.99, which to me is insane, considering the price that the other Vinyls go for. But for months this was the only 12" vinyl that i had sitting on my shelf, now the shelf is completely full. Lol. I love the kind of smokey/foggy effect that they gave to the sleeve, the artwork is the same as the UK single and the US "The Remixes". The German Single, Aussie Single and French Single (Cardsleeve) were all given the (better) artwork, in my opinion.

Front Cover

Back Cover

As with all the 12" Vinyls, it has 2 sides.

Side A contains:
  • Dave Aude Remix
  • Space Cowboy Remix
  • Robots To Mars Remix
Side B contains:
  • Album Version
  • Instrumental
  • Acapella

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Poker Face Vinyl (US)

Bit of a delay with this post, but i've been busy. The next 12" Vinyl is Poker Face. For this vinyl, they put the cover art on the front and the back of the cover, which looks a lot nicer than having just a black cover. The picture on the front is probably one of the most iconic pictures from the Fame Era, mainly because Poker Face was and still is, one of her biggest hits to date.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Side A contains:
  • Space Cowboy Remix
  • Joey Den Broeder Remix

Side B contains:
  • Dave Aude Remix
  • Album Version
  • Instrumental

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Just Dance Vinyl (US)

Now that i'm done with the 12" Album Vinyls, i'll make a start on the 4 12" Single Vinyls. Unfortunately They were only released for singles from The Fame. It would have been nice for them to continue for The Fame Monster. But they obviously had some sort of plan. I hope they do go back to making them for singles from Born This Way, because then collections will look a bit odd, having a gap between 2 albums if you get what i mean. Anyway, the Just Dance Vinyl is different to the rest of the Vinyls, because the artwork isn't on the front of the cardboard sleeve it's in. Apart from a small part at the top. Oddly, on my Vinyl, side B is at the front of the sleeve and side A at the back. I don't know if this is just the one i own, or if it's the same for all of them.

Front Cover

Back Cover

As you can see, it's not the most amazing Vinyl of Gaga's. But it's simplicity at it's best! Because it's a remixes vinyl, it contains the original version of the song plus some different mixes, across the 2 sides.

Side A contains:
  • Main
  • Instrumental
  • Accapella - This is spelt wrong, it should read Acapella
  • Richard Vission Mix

Side B contains:
  • HCCR's Bambossa Main Mix
  • Trevor Simpson Remix

Poker Face Up Next!

Monday, 28 February 2011

Recent Purchases

Over the last few days i've seemed to amassed quite a few things in the post. A few CD's and a few unofficial items of clothing. Now that i'm done posting with the Album 12" Vinyl's i'll post a quick list of the things that i'm waiting on in the post.

  • UK Just Dance
  • French Lovegame Cardsleeve
  • French Bad Romance Cardsleeve
  • French Telephone Cardsleeve
  • French Eh Eh Cardsleeve
  • River Island "Haus Of Gaga" T Shirt - Unofficial
  • Topman "The Fame Monster" Jumper - Unofficial
Born This Way - Preorders
  • Target Edition
  • US 12" Vinyl
  • US Single
Because all of the singles are sounding the same, i'm going to wait to see about the others. The only ones i would be interested in, other than the US single, are the UK one and the French Cardsleeve, if we are actually getting a Cardsleeve.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Fame Vinyl (US)

This is the last 12" album vinyl, for now anyway. Thankfully we know that Born This Way has a vinyl, but we don't know anything about it at the moment. The Fame 12" vinyl is the only one out of the 3 to have more than one disc. This is due to the length of The Fame. I have left it sealed because it looks nicer that way. I'm curious to what it looks like on the inside, but then i would be devastated that i opened it, and feel as if i ruined it. The cover is the same cover for The Fame, with the red lettering. Which was used on the United States Revised Edition of the album.

Front Cover

Back Cover
Because there are 2 vinyls, there are 4 sides in total; A,B,C and D

Side A contains:
  • Just Dance Feat Colby O'Donis
  • Lovegame
  • Paparazzi
  • Poker Face

Side B contains:
  • Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
  • Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  • The Fame

Side C contains:
  • Money Honey
  • Starstruck Feat Space Cowboy And Flo Rida
  • Boys Boys Boys
  • Paper Gangsta

Side D contains:
  • Brown Eyes
  • I Like It Rough
  • Summerboy

Friday, 25 February 2011

The Fame Monster Vinyl (US)

Well carrying on with the 12" Album pattern i started yesterday. I'll move onto the next one. The Fame Monster 12" Vinyl. Unfortunately this was only released in a clear plastic wallet, similar to the UK 7" Picture Discs, and not in a cardboard sleeve, like The Remix 12" and The Fame 12". But i think thats because if this was in a box, you wouldn't be able to see the pictures printed on the vinyl itself. There is a different picture on both sides of the vinyl, the Brunette and Blonde versions of The Fame Monster's album artwork. I bought this from HMV quite a while ago, i think it was around the end of summer 2010. I think it cost me £9.99, but don't hold me on that. Unfortunately it's not available at HMV anymore, but it is available on The Rock Box. I ordered my Just Dance,  Poker Face, Paparazzi and The Fame 12" Vinyls from there. The packing is excellent, thick cardboard boxes, and wrapped in 2 layers of bubble wrap. The Rock Box sells every single Lady Gaga vinyl to have been released. I honestly cannot recommend this site enough.

Side A

Side B

The vinyl contains the 8 tracks from The Fame Monster; 4 on each side.

Side A contains:
  • Bad Romance
  • Alejandro
  • Monster
  • Speechless

Side B contains:
  • Dance In The Dark
  • Telephone (Featuring Beyonce)
  • So Happy I Could Die
  • Teeth