Saturday, 23 April 2011

Paparazzi Vinyl (US)

Hey guys, sorry about the long wait between posts. I don't know why i leave it so long between posts, but i'm gonna finish off my last 12" vinyl today, well that is until the BTW vinyls start coming in. My last vinyl is the Paparazzi one, this vinyl is probably the best looking one out of the singles. I got this from The Rock Box i think, actually i don't know, it might have been HMV. But it was either one :)

Front Cover

Back Cover

I really love the cover art for this one, and that she's used a pic from the video on the back. I also like how the tracks are set out on this, with all the remixes on one side and the album version on the other.

Side A Contains:
  • Demolition Crew Remix
  • Moto Blanco Remix]
  • Stuart Price Remix
  • Filthy Dukes Remix
  • Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix
Side B Contains:
  • Album Version
  • Instrumental
Information about the Judas physical release is finally coming out. Heres hoping for a Cardsleeve :)

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